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Drug Impairment Recognition

Drug impairment recognition process is a systematic, standardized method of examining an employee to determine impairment; and if so, determine whether the impairment relates to drugs or a medical condition. If it is drugs, determine the category or combinations of categories of drugs that is the likely cause of impairment.

It is a Systematic process because it is based on a variety of observable signs and symptoms that are known to be reliable indicators of drug impairment.

Purpose of this Training:

Personal Awareness

Government regulations require employers to provide a safe environment for their employees, whether it's at their workstations or walking out to their vehicles in the company parking lot. With the ever increasing incidents of mugging, rape, and assaults it is imperative employers provide training for all their employees.

This training will provide information on:

Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Instruction will give the employee the information needed to improve their driving skills. Traffic collisions cost employers millions of dollars each year.

What are your Company's losses:

Wellness Program

All employees can improve their health by.participating in a Wellness Program. We can provide you an excellent Wellness Program or assess your present program to insure it is providing your employees the best possible results at a cost savings to you.

Based on the latest discoveries about diet and exercise, this down-to-earth program stresses:

Wellness can be the key that opens the way to employee self-confidence and improve morale. It can also help reduce employee disabilities and raise productivity through an effective wellness program.

Weapon Familiarization & Qualification

Usinq a firearm is in all probability the most serious act in which law enforcement/security personnel will engage. It is, therefore, imperative not only that the personnel act within the boundaries and legal guidelines, but also be prepared by training, leadership, and direction to act wisely whenever using the firearm in the course of duty.

This training will provide:

Executive Protection Training

Because of the increased threat of corporate espionage and international terrorism, more corporations are depending on their own internal security work force to provide protection for executives and key personnel.

Executive Protection Training will provide:

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