"It's Not a Perfect World"

"It's Not a Perfect World"

Educational Seminar
for Preventing
Violence in Today's Society

   Years ago, our nation was shocked and appalled whenever a postal worker would lose control and violence would erupt at a Post Office location. This rage has spread to banks, corporations, lotteries, highways, our nation's capitol, and even our schools.

   This eight-hour seminar addresses the rising epidemic of violence within our educational system within the last 10 years. In the last decade, violence within our schools and work place has risen 300%.

   La Pier & Associates' "It's Not a Perfect World" seminars are unique in presentation because we address three critical areas related to violence within our society today,

   This three-step presentation begins with Personal Safety Awareness and Violence Prevention. The first step of this program deals with identifying potential threats and dangers and the levels of awareness that an individual needs to understand in order to recognize and perceive perilous situations. We instruct you how to anticipate and avoid hazardous confrontations. You will learn how to formulate a "game plan" that will assist you in identifying and successfully administrating tactics that can turn the unpredictable and uncertain circumstance into a positive and decisive outcome.

   The second step is non-verbal communication. This training helps you to develop the ability to decipher non-verbal messages. We instruct you how to "read" what a person is saying through the underlying dynamics of non-verbal information. Does it confirm or contradict the spoken word? We instruct on how to recognize "displays of deception" and how to interrupt that "gut feeling" when you feel someone is being untruthful or deceptive.

   The third step is the school/work place violence. We will address how to recognize and guard against violence in our schools, how to implement internal security measures that will assist school personnel in detecting a possible violent situation, and how to implement a School Place Violence Prevention Program.

   We instruct you how to recognize inappropriate behavior and how to recognize the warning signs of potentially violent people. Using a killer's profile, you will learn how to identify the "clues" associated with violent acts and help enhance their ability to distinguish and identify behavior prior to a violent incident. We instruct you how to assess a threat and how to use the Threat Incident Report. We discuss school bus violence and student safety while commuting to and from school. We address legal issues that may arise from a violent act within the school place. Our "It's Not a Perfect World" seminar also addresses the use of illegal drugs in the school place and how educators and staff can recognize the signs and symptoms of the seven major drug categories.

   We live in a society filled with commotion, uproar, and injustice. Experts say it is because of increased stress, easy access to handguns and the dehumanization of the worker. Other experts state the cause lies in a sweeping change in attitudes in the work place, heavier workloads, corporate downsizing, overcrowding in schools, and the loss of long-time loyalty between employer and employee.

   According to OSHA, there are three categories of Work Place Violence: stranger violence, client violence, and employee violence.

   With more than 1 1 0,000 acts of work place violence annually, the Federal and State courts have ruled that an employer is liable for dangerous or criminal acts if such harm were foreseeable. The employer must use reasonable care in hiring, training, supervising, and retaining employees. Employers that fail to intervene in situations of harassment, intoxication or other acts that risk an employee may be liable for negligence.

   You are to be commended for your foresight in considering providing this ever important training. Not only from the moral standpoint, but the increasing employer's liability perspective.

Enrollment is limited to maximize the effectiveness of our presentations.
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